• OpenPyrojet Print Head Prototype

    A few weeks ago, I joined the OpenPyrojet project. OpenPyrojet intends to build 3D printer technology based on thermal spraying. In this post, I’ll show you how I assembled the print head prototype.

  • Hobby CNC electronics

    I recently started building an IndyMill CNC router. In this post, I’ll share some progress and decisions I’ve made when working on the electronics cabinet of this build.

  • Designing for privacy: A thought experiment

    Apple’s plans have been widely critiqued. This was breach of trust for me, and it made me reconsider my choices of software and hardware. It also made me think of how we, as software engineers, could do better in terms of privacy. Below is a thought experiment.

  • Google Analytics IP anonymization is a joke

    Google Analytics, the popular data gathering and statistics analysis tool, has a feature called IP Anonymization or IP Masking. The name is kind of a joke to me, because it isn’t nearly as anonymous as it sounds. Let’s take a deeper look at this feature!

  • Thoughts on multiplayer networking

    The topic of gaming and networking was brought up on the KorGE Discord server. This made me think about the various forms of networking stacks that I’ve encountered in the past years, and some of the different considerations for their development.

    The intention of this article is to give a glimpse into various approaches and considerations. It’s likely not complete or perfect, but I hope it will be useful for developers that are somewhat new to networking for games.

  • Upgrading your merge requests

    I did a write-up on how to improve merge request (or pull request) quality control on ING’s Medium Blog.

  • Installing Linux Mint on a Surface Go

    This is a step-by-step guide describing the steps I took to install Linux Mint 19.2 on a Surface Go device as the sole OS.

  • Introducing Spork 4.0.0

    I’ve been working hard on Spork 4.0.0 since last summer.

  • Testing multithreaded code

    Writing multi-threaded code for Java/Android is not the easiest of tasks. Making it testable can also be a challenge.

  • Borrowing from Kotlin

    Not all projects can be easily migrated to Kotlin, but that doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from Kotlin within other languages.

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